Thursday, December 27, 2012

I Am So Very Lucky!

     This is what I woke up to on Christmas morning.  Let me  backtrack a bit.  I went to Houston Quilt Festival this fall and while walking around the merchants mall I saw a booth that had beautiful trunks to display your quilts.  Well, there was no way that was something that I could cram in a suitcase and bring home.   But I do have a very handy husband,  so I grabbed a brochure and when I got home pinned it on the fridge as a subtle hint.  I have done this many times and things sit on the fridge for years, so I really didn't have my hopes up.  The thing that floors me is that I had no idea he was doing this.  Mind you I haven't been home much lately, but he really was good at keeping it a total surprise.  Needless to say I had it filled in no time.  It will hold a dozen quilts comfortably.

Quilt  Display Trunk

Another View Of The Display Trunk
     When it reaches it's final home I will post a picture.  Bye for now!


fiberchick said...

Wow... That is just beautiful!!!

Dawn said...

What a beautiful stack of quilts!
Looks great behind glass.

Chris said...

That is gorgeous. He's a keeper :)

betweens said...

I think your DH can start a new business. This is gorgeous! what a lovely surprise and a perfect display for your quilts!
So where did it get to rest! do you have a spot for it yet?