Friday, February 22, 2013

Starting Something New!

It must be winter, I am dragging out all my colourful fabric.  It is the time of year that I crave colour.  Last week  I helped a handful of customers pick fabrics for quilts  and they all were quite bright.  I thought that would have cured my colour craving.  Well I came home and hauled out my Kaffe Fassett stash and started organizing it.

Kaffe Fassett Fabric
      I thought it would make a great log cabin quilt.  As you can see my pile at the back is all of the Kaffe Fassett lights that I own.  So I will have to cut up a lot of it.  I am starting WITHOUT A PLAN.   Just piece together a bunch of blocks and see where it takes me.  Once I got a few blocks done I had to lay them out.  The red blocks were so bright,  I just love them.

Red Block

Blue Block

Green Block

Lovvve the blue blocks as well.  The green blocks are a little bazaar.  I have a funny combination of green fabrics.  We'll see, hopefully they will work.  Then I decided to mix them all up.  Wasn't fond of that combination.

Multi-Coloured Block
I have these large mirrors by Jan Krentz.  They are fantastic!They allow you to get an idea of what your blocks will look like in multiples.

Jan Krentz Mirrors
Red Blocks
Multi Colour Blocks
The first layout was a little boring.  I thought the red wasn't as noticeable in the border and it was my favorite of the blocks,

First Layout

I like the second layout better.  I will have to make more blocks for this one, and the green looks okay.

Second Layout
I think I will finish up the blocks and try a few other layouts before I make my final decision.
 Back to the sewing machine. Thanks for stopping by.


Monday, January 21, 2013

Happy 2013!! Better Late Than Never

One of my New Years resolutions was to blog more often this year.   I finished my blogging on the at the end of December.   I was doing a weekly tutorial for the Fundamentals block of the week program.  We did 52 blocks (50 were used in the quilt) and another 50 secondary blocks.  This is the finished product. I forget the finished size, but I had to hang it sideways on the design wall so it wouldn't drag on the floor. I am really pleased with the outcome.   It was created using the Stonehenge line of fabrics by

 It really got my feet wet blogging every week.  Now that that is over I plan on putting a little more time into my personal blog.

  Wellll, what can I tell you.  I thought I would start off the new year by trying to purge my studio.  It was starting to resemble a hoarding episode which really hinders any kind of enthusiasm to create.  First to go, MAGAZINES...
     I have a rule.  I must like 3 things in the magazine before I can justify buying it.  Clearly I am very enthusiastic because I went through 4 bins like this ripping out ideas and inspiration.  I hope our garbage man has a good breakfast this week because our recycling bin is really HEAVY!!!   I still have a lot of clutter to organize but I am getting there.  I am also working on my UFO Challenge for my guild  It is an English Paper Piecing project using reproduction 30's fabrics which I will machine quilt in order to meet the May deadline.

      Thanks for stopping by....