Saturday, April 7, 2012

Up And Running

I know i it has been awhile since my first post.  I had great intentions, but technology let me down.  My computer was giving me problems, my camera broke, and I fried my printer trying to put flimsy paper for paper piecing through it.  Computer is fixed, bought a new camera, but I still need to deal with my printer.   I also had to say good bye to what I thought was going to be my dream closet that husband built  for me. We live in a small house, so the only place that we had room for it was in the only unfinished room in the house, which is the laundry room.  Then plans changed, with two teenagers (plus friends) one bathroom just doesn't cut it.  After trying to re-configure  this small room to accommodate a laundry room, bathroom and my treasured closet, I realized it just wasn't going to work.  Then it came to me, maybe I could use it in my studio.  I took the measurements and voila, 5 of the 6 units will fit.  It really looks like it was custom built.  So that opened another can of worms!  Spring cleaning of the studio, which is never a bad thing.  Things turn up that you have missed placed months or years ago, as well as things you forgot you had.  Anyway it is all done, except for a few small piles that I will deal with today, but I thought you might like to see the results.

Closet Re- purposed for Fabric Storage

 I made time to make a small project.  I needed a bag for my camera and I am not thrilled with the ones on the market, so I thought I would make my own.  I have some great cartoon fabric that my friend Tina gave me for Christmas for the outside of the bag.   The lining fabric is an older Jennifer Sampou fabric.

It is a beautiful day today and my garden is calling me, so I will say good-bye for now.