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Monday, July 30, 2012

Quilts By The Creek

 I went to a  fabulous quilt show yesterday.  York Heritage Quilters Guild partnered with Black Creek Pioneer put it on. What a great place to display quilts.  The majority of the quilts were hung outside (Thank goodness it didn't rain). 

I had two quilts hanging in the show.  The first one I call "There is a Snowflake in My Kaleidoscope"

There Is A Snowflake In My Kaleidoscope

This quilt is an original design that I designed in EQ7 using the traditional kaleidoscope block worked from the centre out. I made the quilt entirely of  Kaffee Fassett Fabrics (one or two Brandon Mabley fabrics might have slipped in).  The second quilt is made up of Northwind blocks.  The fabrics used in this quilt were from a fabric exchange where 3 women including myself exchanged fabric squares for a year.  I have seen beautiful  Northwind quilts made up with small  traditional prints, but these fabrics were mostly larger kind of funky prints, so I was a little nervous about how they would work.  Some of them had to be discarded, but the majority of them worked out quite well.

Northwind Block

Just seeing the quilts hanging from railings, blowing in the breeze just felt like you were stepping back in time.

The Doctor's House Pioneer Village
Quilt by Sandy Lindal

Beautiful Quilts Blowing In The Breeze
Quilt By Shirley Dawson

More Quilts

Black Creek Pioneer Village
Quilt By Linda Hemming
Quilt By Shirley Dawson
More Quilts
Quilt By Joan Lester
Town Hall
Cabinet Maker Shop
 Val Prideaux and Jane Cramer 
Thanks Val and Jane for making it happen, you did a great job!  There were many more quilts than I could possibly photograph.  It was a lovely show.


Happy Turtle said...

Thanks for sharing Jeannie. :)
Your quilts are gorgeous and so are the others.

Anita E. said...

My husband and I enjoyed seeing the quilts outdoors also. Thank you for your part, Jeannie. I hope a tradition has been started.
Anita E.

Marla's Crafts said...

This is a beautiful spot. Where was it? I see that you are just a new blogger also. I just started in June. I will be showing my Holiday Lane Pillow on Tuesday and am having a give away. Hope you will come over and see. I live in Hopewell Cape NB. Have a great day.