Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Yes I do have a Pulse!

Talk about a blogging break!  It is not that I had forgotten about blogging, life just got in the way. I guess it's like exercising (not that I do that!) you just have to make the time to do it.   I have lots to tell you.  I promise, this is not going to sound like one of those 4 page Christmas newsletters that we all dread getting.  I will be brief.  1st big news (for me, anyway)  is, I got one of my quilts published in Quilty Magazine, and they put it on the cover of the Jan/Feb. 2015 issue.

My Quilt On the Cover
 This was huge for me.  I designed it and made it up for something entirely different and when that fell through I decided to write to the magazine.  Mary Fons replied to me personally.  Well you know my feet didn't touch the ground for awhile after that.

Kaleido Quilt

The summer before last I quilted a couple of quilts that were to appear in the book "Sew Adorkable"  by Samarra Khaja.   That book was released this fall and debuted at Quilt Market in October.   If you can get your hands on a copy of this book you should!  It is chalk full of quirky projects big and small.  Not only did she design and make all of the projects in the book, she did all of the amazing illustrations.

Samarra Signing A Copy Of Her New Book"Sew Adorkable" at the Workroom

On a sad note,  I lost my dog Albert in September.  He was 15, and had a great long life. Anyone that knew him knew what a character he was.

Albert In His Younger Years <3

  In the October I had the opportunity to go to quilt market in Houston.  Way too much fun!  I will talk about that in other posts I promise!

I hope you all can make a little time to stitch, even in this busy time of year!

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fiberchick said...

What a year for you! Hope that the good outweighed the bad. So sorry to hear about Albert he was a dear little fellow. You deserve all your success. That Kaleido quilt is a stunner!